Buses collided in the middle of Salzburg: the driver was seriously injured


Four people, including one of the drivers, were injured in a collision of two buses in Salzburg on Saturday night. As the Salzburg police headquarters reported in the morning, a bus had to brake sharply shortly after midnight in Neutorgasse because a car violated the right of way at the end of the bus lane.

The driver of the next bus was unable to brake in time and crashed into the back of the first bus, trapping him. The 35-year-old had to be rescued by the professional fire brigade and was then taken to the university hospital by the Red Cross. Another three people suffered minor injuries.

The Neutorgasse was completely closed in both directions during the registration of the accident. The accident was caused by a 54-year-old woman from Salzburg who was on her way to the city center on Neutorgasse. She stepped in front of the bus at Hildemannplatz, where the bus lane changes into a regular lane, even though it had priority. To avoid a collision, the 38-year-old driver had to brake suddenly.

Source: Krone


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