Navi blindly trusted – odyssey: truck was stuck on a mountain road all night


A truck was stuck for hours on a steep mountain road in Münster (Tyrol) over the weekend, for which the 40-tonne vehicle is definitely not made. The situation was – in the true sense of the word – so complicated that the driver even had to spend the night on the mountain. To maneuver the truck back into the valley, the fire brigade had to intervene.

The steep mountain road in the Münster district of Grünsbach actually leads to a mountain hut at 1,575 meters above sea level in the Rofan Mountains. The one-lane route is not made for 40-tonne trucks, especially in winter.

Yet the Hungarian driver seemed to blindly trust his navigation system. This led him to the mountain path – although he actually wanted to go to a gas station in the neighboring town of Brixlegg. “How he gets there is a mystery to me,” said a police officer in charge of “Krone”.

No progress despite snow chains
By the time the driver noticed his mistake, it was too late. “He actually wanted to drive to a parking lot a little further in front of a barrier and turn around there,” said the police. But despite the snow chains, the paper-laden trailer could not move forward or backward. Instead of calling for help right away, the Hungarian spent a rather unpleasant night on the mountain – possibly hoping to do more the next day.

Trailer had to be unloaded
But nothing came of that. On Saturday morning, the fire brigade finally had to come – and initially faced a challenge. “There is no crane on the road,” said the police, and Thomas Moser, commander of the Münster fire brigade, adds: “We therefore had to unload the truck halfway.”

The emergency services received help from a transport company. The truck was then pushed up a bit, “and one of us then drove it down”. The operation was completed on Saturday morning after the cargo was stowed back in the trailer.

Source: Krone


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