Guerrita Alcantarilla and Murcia Unidata have been crowned regional champions in Yecla


Four hundred athletes meet on the last day of the Regional Club League

The Triathlon Federation of the Region of Murcia yesterday held the Duathlon Regional Relay Championship in the XIII City of Yecla Duathlon, a test that brought together some 400 athletes. The altiplano test, organized by the CT Arabí Yecla, was the last day of the Regional Duathlon Club League.

This competition is held by teams of three athletes who each perform a super sprint duathlon. In the women’s category, the Guerrita Alcantarilla Triathlon team was the fastest, proclaiming regional champions Elena Romero, Miriam Álvarez and María Noguera. Second placed were Mariana Acabado, Miriam Fuentes and María Bernal, from the CT Murcia Unidata, while third place was taken by Amelia Ayuso, Belén González and Julia Cobo, from the CT Águilas Primaflor.

In the men, Salvador Martínez, Sergio Garijo and Álvaro Sánchez, of CT Murcia Unidata, took the win ahead of Tragamillas Ciclos Vicea Mercaluz, which consisted of David Sánchez, José García and Juan M Tejada.

In the inclusive relay, the CT Caravaca Ortodent was the winner, with Abel Torreblanca and his guide José Antonio Hoyos, Francisco Aroca and Aaron Torreblanca. Second place went to Murcia Unidata, with Ricardo Marín, Jesús Fernández and David Alburquerque, while third place went to AD Cehegín, with José Fernández, Tomás Moya and Gregorio Martínez.

Source: La Verdad


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