The CTA is sending a questionnaire to referees about Negreira’s son


Last week the CTA made a statement as a result of jumping into the scandal of Enriquez Negreira including its arbitration advisory services in Barcelona Soccer Club. After the RFEF issued a statement announcing the disclosure of confidential information at the request of the Integrity department. That same Thursday the CTA president, Luis Medina Cantalejo, He sat as the head of arbitration and was formerly collegiate during the Catalan era as vice president of the arbitration body.

In it, he clarified the testimonial role of Enriquez Negreira at his stage and where he did not receive hints to favor Barcelona. Position supported by other former referees. actually louis Medina Cantalejo He plans to face the case, not only on an institutional level but also on a personal level.

But in addition, the CTA sent a questionnaire to the referees of the current staff of referees about the son of Enriquez Negreira. He did not do this with former referees because he wanted to distance himself from everything that happened before 2018. Questionnaire advance by TV3 and confirmed by MD. In it, he asked them about their relationship with their son Javier Enriquez before and after 2018. If it exists, what kind is it and if there was any kind of financial compensation, inform the amount

They must also respond if after 2018 they are accompanied by Javier Enriquez in the stadium where they whistled. If so, they should inform the dates and matches.

Source: La Verdad


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