State elections in Carinthia – why more women are needed in politics


The countdown has begun, less than two weeks until the election: only two of the ten top candidates are women. Olga Voglauer and Karin Peuker about challenges and opportunities.

In the state elections in less than two weeks, more Carinthians than Carinthians will be ticking their boxes (see chart below). Just three days later, on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. And in the middle of the election campaign it was Equal Pay Day: February 16 was the day on which women worked for free compared to their male colleagues. And while the female gender is so ubiquitous, the question arises why women are the subject of election campaigns.

While many certainly welcomed nail polish and flowers as the candy of choice on Valentine’s Day, quite a few others rightly ask: Is that all? Where else do women find a place in the election campaign? Or is the answer obvious? Is it because politics is also mostly male?

Source: Krone


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