Putin warns aggressively that he will take the war to its extreme


The president resorts to calling the West the “symbol of a big lie” in his speech to the Russian parliament

“We are defending our homeland.” With these words, Russian President Vladimir Putin just addressed a packed Federal Assembly in his annual address to both chambers of parliament. This is an act similar to the State of the Nation speech delivered in Western parliaments by the head of the Kremlin three days after the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, and also twenty-four hours after the visit of his American counterpart , Joe Biden, to Kyiv.

Putin, who began speaking at noon, has assured that “the goal of the West is unlimited power” and is trying to turn the war that is shaking the former Soviet republic into a “global conflict”. For this reason, he has warned that the more weapons the United States and NATO allies supply to the Ukrainian army, “the more we will have to strengthen our borders”. The president believes that the “existence of our country” is at stake in this war and he was convinced that the Allies will “go to hell” to achieve their goal.

“We all remember well that airstrikes were carried out on Donetsk. And in other cities,” he pointed to the first clashes in Donbas in 2014; a confrontation that the Kremlin used on February 24 last year to forcefully order the occupation of this Ukrainian region. “In 2015, they again tried to attack Donbas “, the Russian leader continued. to stop it,” said Putin, who insists the West is the “symbol of an absolute lie” in blaming Russia for the war.

Source: La Verdad


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