Leipzig confirms ‘Haalandependence’


If possible, the City of Manchester will buy one Champions League. Or some. But no. Hence the set blue sky He spends his money buying everything he needs to win her over. And he sets a path every year that is always the same: he crushes and crushes his rivals until he finds himself face to face with elimination. In short, fall and rise. And again.

Therefore, in Germany he is new leipzigthe set of Guardiola He didn’t have to do anything he hadn’t done before but even so the thing choked him to the point of not going beyond a tie against leipzig (1-1). And it may be, among other things, because of the indifference of Erling Haalandwhich is an island throughout the match.

And it is the Norwegian who did so much and so well All this time the news has stopped that he has scored a hat-trick that he is not scoring goals, that he is suffering from a drought. The drought, yes, is understandable in the language of the Nordic striker, who has scored a single goal in the last six games but has scored 32 goals in 31 duels. Another victim of the tyranny of numbers.

Even less true is that ‘9’ is clueless leipzig. Or like that. He barely touched the ball and, when he did, it was to make the play worse. He lost the City of Manchester during which he was called this summer and was shown to have ‘Haalandependence’. There is still time. And in return, the Viking can collect his fees.

Source: La Verdad


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