Turkey earthquake – Drone video shows huge crack in the ground


Turkey earthquake – Drone video shows huge crack in the ground

On February 6, two massive earthquakes shook southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria. Drone images taken by the Turkish news agency IHA show the enormous consequences of the devastating quakes that killed tens of thousands of people.

The aerial photos impressively show the geological effects of the earthquake. There is an unmistakable crack in the ground around the epicenter in Kahramanmaras province. The newly formed fault line stretches for miles across the landscape. The video was shot near Türkoglu Municipality.

Shifts of up to six metres
The first magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck around 2 a.m. near the city of Gaziantep. The quake ripped open at least 110 miles of the eastern Anatolian fault line that runs through this region. Along this, the land surface has shifted by up to six metres.

More than 42,000 dead in Turkey
Satellite images also show how strong the quakes were and how much energy was released. They document how the Earth’s surface has shifted along the fractures. The earthquake in Turkey killed more than 42,000 people.

Source: Krone


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