At Old Trafford with my people


At Old Trafford with my people

I had the honor of seeing the Manchester United vs. Barcelona from the Old Trafford stands. I traveled as another supporter, hoping to celebrate my team’s classification. It could not happen, but I lived an unforgettable experience. I must say that I am very happy that they did not invite me to the box, because in this way I was satisfied with my people.

If the set of Xavi was left, it was not for lack of courage from his people. The kids cheered and cheered the team on. They lived up to it, showing their faces all the time in a hostile and difficult field, to the point where I could hardly sit down to watch the game. a ’10’ for the fans.

The meeting was presented very well, with good management and a first part to frame. In the second they came out a bit cold, as if compromising. Manchester’s early goal gave the English a boost and we never reacted. You always have to be in the game.

In the second half United were better. ten hags know make the changes after the first seen and make the right changes to win the game. Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​on the other hand, paid for the absences of Pedri and Gavi and he lacked the reaction capacity United needed to come back.

The Champions League choked and as well as the Europa League, but the team had a chance to win until the end. Now what you need to do is not to lose focus on the League, where there is a significant advantage and cannot be missed.

Source: La Verdad


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