Sainz (4th): “Aston Martin is going very strong”


Sainz (4th): “Aston Martin is going very strong”

Carlos Sainz took a step forward compared to Friday and entered the top four in the classification of GP of Bahrain with his Ferrari. The Spaniard suffered badly on Friday in a car he did not recognize as the one he drove in tests and set-up changes worked for him to improve throughout qualifying. It is 4th to tenth and a half of leclerc, a starting point that does not excite him but from which he must row. The Spaniard was very fast in the first sector, but he choked on one of the corners in the second sector, where he slipped several times with whiplash that he managed but lost time. And thirdly, it lacks something in the back. He saved the furniture with his improvement, but it is clear that in this Sunday’s race he will have to suffer because of the greater damage of his car in the long run compared to Alonso’s Aston Martin, which starts just behind (5th) and Russell and Hamilton. , 6th. and 7th game.

“Yesterday (Friday) I didn’t have a very clean day and I was a bit underprepared when it came to this ‘qualification’, but I made progress and in the end I did a lap that gave me fourth place. It’s not ideal and it’s not what we want to be, but given the circumstances, I think it’s not bad”, he pointed out in ‘DAZN F1’.


“I’m feeling pretty good. The only thing is that there is a curve in the second sector that is very difficult for me and you have seen me lose my back several times. Apart from that corner, to be honest, where I was a bit lacking, in the rest of the circuit (I was good), in the first sector I was very fast, in the end I could have lost the rear a bit too, but to be honest, for to how we were yesterday today is a step forward. Tomorrow we will have to suffer a little because we know that Ferrari is lowering more than our rivals, but we will do it”.


“What a funny fight. The truth is that things are tight. I think that in racing things will change and anything can happen. Apart from Red Bull, who I think are clear favourites, I think Aston Martins will be very strong behind them and Mercedes in the race will also be very good”.

Vasseur: “You have to look ahead”

“Good result to be close to the pole. We chose to save that set of tires for tomorrow’s race and we didn’t do the second stint and Carlos was a bit further away so he used that set. It’s a second line, a good start to the season”, commented the Ferrari Team Principal, Frédéric Vasseur, on ‘DAZN F1’, after facing his first classification at the helm of the red team.

“We have to do the work tomorrow. We know what we have done in the long run and what we have to improve on. But we start with a new game and that will be an advantage”, he commented regarding the theoretical greater degradation of his car compared to Aston Martin and Mercedes.

“You must always look ahead and not in the rear-view mirrors. We will put some tape on the mirrors”, he said of Alonso’s Aston Martin, which starts 5th, just behind Sainz (4th) and Leclerc (3rd).

Source: La Verdad


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