Lance Stroll thanks Dr. Mir for his incredible recovery


Canadian Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll said on Tuesday that the care he received from Spanish doctor Javier Mir allowed him to compete on Sunday in the Bahrain Grand Prix, two weeks after experiencing a bicycle accident in which both wrists were broken.

In a message posted on Twitter, Stroll said 48 hours after the accidentwhere, in addition to fractures to both wrists, he suffered a slight fracture to his left hand and another fracture to the big toe of his right foot, and 12 days before the race in Bahrain, He was operated on in Spain by Dr. Mr.

The doctor told him after the operation that his participation in the Bahrain race on Sunday, March 6, where the current Formula 1 season begins, is a remote possibility.

I am convinced that the urgency shown by Dr. Mir helped me get to BahrainStroll said.

After the surgery, Stroll worked hard to recover as soon as possible.

My medical team assured me that we were doing everything possible to show any signs of bone healing.. Trying to combine everything that can help, even if it’s 5%, it’s been my job all the time,” added the Canadian driver.

Stroll shared photos and videos of the recovery process, including an X-ray showing two pins in his wrist.

When he got the cast off four days after the surgerythe chance to compete in Bahrain became a reality and the medical team set up a program to restore mobility and strength to Stroll’s wrists.

Rehabilitation took a lot of work and persistence but with the support of an incredible medical team and my friends and familyI overcame the pain and was able to get back on track in Bahrain with my team and the other drivers,” concluded Stroll.

Stroll finished sixth at the Bahrain Grand Prix as Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant team-mate Fernando Alonso finished third for his 99th career podium finish.

Source: La Verdad


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