A month of April that invites you to dream, Athletic


The rival is lazy, admit it. The Pucelas have enough to save the category. And on top of that, they lost a lot of lives. But even the shorter dwarves gave Athletic more than a scare when they took to those god fields to see them coming. Well, that’s what Valverde avoids by talking about a key game, which will be decisive for the season. And so his troops took it, starting with his Praetorian Guard at the core, the famous “terrorists”.

The rojiblancos came out fired up, convinced they had to win, with determination. Mistakes, there are, of course. But a different tone was seen in the other game away from Bilbao. Even after moving on, they were convinced to go for the second goal.

Finally, Athletic won with Dani García and Vesga in command of the operation. In the beginning, I will say that I will not call them that nickname anymore, I don’t want to. To continue, I will say that they have a great game. They pressed, short-circuited the opposing game, set the right pace and even worked together in attack as usual. In fact, Vesga was the best on the pitch. He scored and fired two good shots. Dani, showed brilliance in opening De Marcos in the second goal.

And another, when some jokingly say that you have not won them, they do not consider that they are lined up in pairs that are certain against the toughest rivals, to try to deactivate the stars of great teams. I congratulate them, that I have also slapped them when I see fit.

Three points that serve as the key to open the decisive phase of the season are within reach of all expectations. There are twelve League games and two Cup games left, if we reach the final. You have to take the rest and dream.

Source: La Verdad


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