Reviewing the performance of the Movistar Team after this start of the season


After this first three months of the season, the Movistar cycling team He wanted to review how this campaign started. He was able to do this through social networks using the words of the former cyclist and current performance director Patxi Vila just finish the fourth stage of Volta Ciclista and Catalunya in Sabadell.

“I think we have a good and promising start, where apart from having victories we have achieved victories on different rides, which is important, and we have achieved both victories in the sprint and overall victories and high finishes. I think the team has paid off, it’s also true that after this very good start to the season I think a difficult time will come because we fall a lot and a lot of people are sick. This is a time to grit our teeth and work like we did at the beginning of the year and hopefully the results will come.”

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This season has commented on several races in which it has participated that the formation of Navarrese is more aggressive when it comes to moving than last year, which is appreciated in this way by Patxi Vila: “I think the summer we spent last year forced us to change the way the team operates, where very aggressive movements in the race are also unnecessary because the race itself puts you first place, which The situation we are experiencing has made us run in a different way and the runners themselves appreciate being more aggressive and looking for different things. This is also the new way of running, which not only influences us but in general. We see how the attacks are more distant and where other teams have invented different things, where the things we expect are not like that,” he analyzed .

Source: La Verdad


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