Van Aert explains why he let Laporte win Ghent-Wevelgem


The picture went around the world. After launching a devastating attack at the beginning of one of the levels Ghent-Wevelgemthe Belgian wout van aert waited for his colleague to Jumbo-Visma Christophe Laporte and the two first maintain and then increase the difference in respect to their pursuers, until the two reach the finish line with more than enough margin to have a delicious coffee that their will certainly appreciate bodies after the harsh conditions in which they found themselves. made the race.

Before reaching the last meter they both hugged each other and looked at their team car behind them, and even pretended to enter the finish line with their arms around each other, until Van Aert Nevermind report passed first, allowing the Frenchman to score his first win of the season on the fifth day of competition this season for a total of 27.

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An action that few notable surnames in cycling history disliked, but that Van Aert He actually explained: “He started the season with problems and had a difficult start, so it’s easy to do.”

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Source: La Verdad


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