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Robert Olabe has faced the press to express his great enthusiasm for a season like the current one, in which Real will play in the Champions League, and to give his assessment after a transfer market that gave him satisfaction, because he understands that they form a competitive and versatile team. The football director spoke proper names, such as Sorlothwhich the Real wills, but left of its own free will, or Karrikaburu, whose assignment to Alavés, as announced by the MD, is for two years and includes a purchase and repurchase option. These are the proper names of How are you.

KARRIKABURU: “Alavés has a purchase option and Real will get him back”

“It responded to Imanol’s idea and everything, we have met many times. We want him to have minutes, we established a loan period for more than one season, for a longer period of two years. This is an expression of goal. You have to listen to the will of the people. He understood that he spent his time in the Second Division and accepted the challenge of the First Division with special motivation. We waited until the last moment because it was his will. We will watch” .

“There are two years of assignment, a figure that does not exist at the federative level. Alavés has a purchase option and Real can recover the player by deactivating that purchase option. It is a good operation for Karrika to exploit his qualities. We think the best for Jon.”

ZAKHARYAN Y SILVA: “We couldn’t find a replacement for David because he can’t be replaced”

“David’s decision has affected us in the future of the summer. It made me rethink summer. We cannot find his replacement because he is irreplaceable, he is one of the best soccer players in history. Finding a replacement for David will fail us all, because he doesn’t exist. Arsen (Zakharyan) is a player of the present and future, he has an intention to develop and develop. We are very lucky to have David and now we have given the coach other resources”.

NAVARRO: “We have no doubts about its potential”

“It’s hard to agree 100% with everything. We don’t have to think alike. No one doubts his potential and talent. Together we will find the best way for him to take advantage of his potential. We’ve taken the decision out of everyone’s hands.”

SORLOTH: “The player will play where he wants”

“I don’t know what the explanation is that came out of the club. My goal every season is that we never sign a player without anyone knowing. The ability to work outside of all the noise makes the final decision more natural. The player ends up playing where he wants. Alex decided he wanted to play for Villarreal. It was as simple as that. I have to thank Álex for what he experienced and respect his decision to sign for another club. If the Royal likes Sorloth and if he has a proposal from the Royal? Yes”.

KUBO, LE NORMAND…: “Their decision to continue is what strengthens us”

“I can say what the president said. Not one or two or three players have decided that their place will continue to be Real Sociedad, filling their feelings. It is to be grateful and proud. This tells us something about the project. That they decide to continue is what makes us strong, they infect those who are outside and can come. I can’t say the names.”

TRAORÉ: “I don’t want to fool you”

“It’s like Álvaro’s last day. The ‘strategies’ have been good. And what happened that day (the day of his press conference) determined that signing. I didn’t want to fool you.”

ANDRÉ SILVA: “You have to cover the whole season, not just August”

“We need to accompany him and give him support, don’t put too much responsibility on him so that he can recover sooner. Considering the states of health and form, the extra competitions, we have to cover not only the month of August or September, but the whole season. André offered us a chance. We will help. It’s different from Alex. This is another resource for the coach. We are satisfied with the signings, we have to get everyone moving”.

TIERNEY: “Lending is a tool we keep in mind”

“It is a loan, like with Theo, Martin or Rafinha. We will keep in mind this tool to reach the performance. They are unapproachable players considering how Real are now”.

MERINO: “We are calm”

“Mikel himself spoke. There are many things that I interpret, but I listen to the players and this calms me down. The famous ‘August 36’ is over and La Real will continue to build the future. And that future goes through Mikel and the other players and we get down to work. We have no windows to renovate. Royal never stops. Mikel and I are calm. He is a great person, he is one of our most important players, he is calm and good at Real”.

AIHEN: “He is one of us”

“We want to have a stable group that meets the economic, identity and profile requirements. Aihen is within all the requirements. He is one of us. When he plays, you know what he gives us.”

ODRIOZOLA: “He comes back with more experience and the same qualities”

“It will give us competition, it will make us look better. We are looking for thresholds. Álvaro is a kind of Zubieta for life, returning with more experience and the same qualities. We are pleased that you have come to demonstrate your candidacy of qualities that will be performed every day. And from there, select Imanol. We enjoyed the arrival of Álvaro and the transfer of Sola. We are fighting because this is the future of Real”.

MARRERO: “We cannot betray what we are”

“He has made strides. We conclude that he is, more than numbers, an all-purpose first-team player. We have to continue being Real Sociedad despite the stars and the anthem of the Champions League. Zubieta’s children must be given space and Unai is taking steps. We are satisfied with Álex, Marrero, Ayesa and Fraga. We cannot betray who we are.”

Source: La Verdad


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