A new meeting Laporta-Jorge Messi, in sight


Joan Laporta is clear when talking Leo Messi in his last speech to a media outlet. Speaking on the Youtube channel ‘The business and money behind sports’, he announced on Saturday that “I have to find a way to improve the current relationship between Messi with Barca. We will see, but he knows that Barça’s doors are open.” In MD we have already said that the club has a plan to try to win back the Argentine as a free agent, based on offering him a not too high token but a percentage of the commercial profits generated on his return.

Yesterday, ‘Catalunya Ràdio’ took another step along these lines, ensuring that, after the first summit held by the president of Barça and Jorge Messi, father of the Argentine star, another one is planned that should arrive in the next few days. Here, more than talking about the tribute, it will directly affect the possibility that Messi could end up at FC Barcelona this summer. And all this by the will of Leo Messiwhich is constantly in contact with Xavi Hernandezcoach of Barça.

These news are square what If Agueroclose friend of Leo Messi. “Things are at 50 percent, but Laporta has to work hard to sign Messi. Yes report take the step, Messi will come back”, Agüero said at one of the events before the finals of league of kings which was played at Camp Nou. The former Barcelona player in the first leg of the 2021-22 season, until a heart problem forced him to retire, has a direct link to Messi and his words are not anecdotal. “Leo was born in Barcelona and has to retire in Barcelona”, declared the Kun.

Exactly, in the Kings League finals held at Camp Nou, Sergio Agüero and Joan Laporta They held a meaningful conversation on Sunday night at the Camp Nou after a party where more than 90,000 people chanted Leo Messi’s name. The president of FC Barcelona reopened this past weekend the doors of the club to the return of the Argentine striker, while the former striker, a great friend of the ’10’, also encouraged him at the time report to take a step back.

Laporta, in Poland

The president of Barça traveled yesterday afternoon to Polandnext to Matthew Germanto witness the game of Robert Lewandowski with his team against Albania, which matches qualification for Euro 2024. Tomorrow they will join the Pole at the premiere of a documentary about his career to be released by Amazon.

Source: La Verdad


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