“When there are problems at home and they call you, you go quickly, without thinking”


Luis Garcia re-vibrates (if it has stopped doing so far) with ‘his’ Spanish. The new coach of the parakeets, replacing Diego Martínez on the blue and white bench, arrived yesterday in Barcelona and today will be presented after his first contact with the squad, at training morning scheduled for this Tuesday.

In his first statements to the club’s media, Luis García did not hide his happiness at returning ‘home’: “The truth It’s great to be here again with the people and at the club where I spent the best years of my sporting life as a player, where I and my family were treated well. Excited and eager to start stepping on the green, which is what I love the most”.

The coach, on his return to the RCDE Stadium, stopped in front of the statue dedicated to Dani Jarque, without hiding his emotions: “The truth is that you got the goosebumps. I still remember that ribbon in her hair, her boots…”

And in reviewing the last hours of his life, which brought him back to Spain, he admitted that “they became 24 hours of true madnessof many messages from very happy people, of friends, of organizing your life in 12 hours, of going from playing in Valdebebas to being the head of the 3rd RFEF to being to the club that marked me forever“.

He admitted that the current one, with the team in the relegation zone, “is not the best way to get there, without a doubt: I would like it if the Spanish do amazing, if they are at the top of table. But in football you can’t choose. when there are problems at home and they call you, you run quickly, without thinking“.

He went to the stands of the field and with a nostalgic look he remembered his first goal as a blue and white: “Your vision accidentally goes to that goal, the pass of cheap and the first goal. It was a magical, strange day.

And it ends with a full declaration of purpose about what awaits him, how to deal with it and his purpose: “The pressure must be touch itYou must know that this is professional football, the elite, that this is a club with 123 years of history and with everything we have put together, that I have to live. the best years in history of the club From there, the responsibility fall on my shoulders, you know completely my way of being, my being. I am convinced that this personality will help players find their best versionto be people moving forward, people brave, Hipster. And above all, that the fans are tremendously proud of of your players in every game, in every action and with every ball that we can argue about.”

Source: La Verdad


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