“The referees? I prefer to think about the game and not what they will whistle”


Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media in the Valdebebas press room in the run-up to tomorrow’s Cup Classic at the Camp Nou. A match where Real Madrid is looking for a place in the Copa del Rey final.

how is the team

“We are good, focused and we have a lot of confidence. We have a good feeling after Valladolid”

Kroos and Modric, untouchable

“Kroos and Modric are untouchable but that doesn’t mean they will play tomorrow. There are many untouchables but then you have to choose an eleven. I have to think about the resources I have on the bench. Starting is not the most important… the important is to be a hero

Arbitrator appointments

“I prefer to think about the game and not about what they will whistle. Prepare the game as much as possible and win”

This Clásico is the most important

“For me, El Clásico is always the most important match. For the fans, for the players… there is a great rivalry. It is an important competition and we are close to reaching the final”

Changes to the eleven with respect to previous Clásicos

“Yes, that’s an option, but we also have to assess that we did well in the last games. We don’t just look at the result when it’s positive. In the last two we fought and in the last one we were close to winning. Maybe different line-up and maybe not. We want to play a full game… because I think the last two haven’t been bad.”


“When it comes to energy, obviously in these games it is important. An effective start from the top can also give you an advantage. There is a lot of pressure in these games and the experience of veterans can also be important”


“I think that in the analysis of the individual characteristics of the players we cover it well with Vinicius. So we don’t ask too much of the left back. If we have Rodrygo on the right, they are also busy. . . and if there Valverde, who plays more inside, we can ask more in attack from the full-backs. It also depends on what they have”

How it will play out tomorrow at the Camp Nou

“The idea is not to go crazy to score a goal. The idea is to play a complete match with and without the ball. We didn’t get there many times and this is an important aspect. We won’t go crazy.. . because you can score a goal in minute 5 and then concede two. The idea is to play a complete game”

The next day he

“I don’t talk about my future, I said that in my last press conference”

How he works with players whose future is up in the air

“I see the players every day and they are focused. You might think that the end of a contract might affect them. It doesn’t affect them and I don’t have to say anything to them because they are very professional”

How do you convince a player to continue?

“Everyone has to evaluate the role they have. It is the discussion that a player has to make and if they want to renew it is because they like the role they have”

Changing the scheme to Classic



“Antonio is fine and ready to play. Yesterday he trained alone and today he is with us”

Praise and the ball comes out

“When the ball is released it is clear that everyone has different qualities, but it is the combination of positioning and good movement. The most important when the ball is released is the goalkeeper”

Tchouameni and Camavinga

“The footballer wants to play from the very beginning. It is very difficult to pick an eleven because obviously there are always more than eleven players who are eligible to play. Tchouaméni contributes a lot in defense and it is very difficult for Camavinga to put pressure on him because he was more technical. He used his moment well”

How do you tell a player you won’t be playing tomorrow?

“Nothing special is said to those who remain on the bench. This group of players are not one of those who ask for many explanations. It is a squad that has a lot of competition and they understand it for that reason my office, although it is always open, usually empty.”

Real Madrid, favorite

“We have 90 minutes to come back and I think it’s going to be a very even game. I don’t know who is the favorite, small details will determine it.”

Xavi, stone in Ancelotti’s shoe

“It’s hard to have individual duels between coaches. They beat us in the last three and now it’s up to us to win”

Surprise the enemy

“The small details are where you can be surprised. It is difficult to change the system that plays here and it can harm us. Changing the system is not good for us”

Source: La Verdad


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