Drenthe’s surprising new work


Royston Drenthe, 35 years old, he is a football globetrotter. In the many teams where he played he stood outI’m Real Madrid who signed him in 2007 as one of the great promises of world football. However, he stayed there, as a commitment, and Real Madrid loaned him to Hércules in 2010 and transferred him to Everton in 2011.

He returned to Spain after a few years to play in Murcia and his last team was Merida Racingthat he arrived in August, but after a few months he went to the Netherlands to train in Kozakken Boys from Werkendam. He is still there, training, but the player dedicates himself to other tasks that are far from the world of football and he does it as a freelancer.

A job in health care, following in his family’s tradition. “My whole family has always been dedicated to health care. My Aunt Helen is a nurse. My mother and aunt work in care. A few years ago I thought: ‘Why don’t I also do the training and course and see what it does for me?'”, he said. Drenthe in ‘Nos’ where he explains his new job in a ward with people with dementia: “There was an old woman who was afraid of colleagues. He is quite aggressive. I’m following him there.”

Drenthe He confessed that this job “helps me become a better person in this society. I’ve always been used to the glamor of football. Really. That’s what I was looking for. I struggled a lot at the end of my career. Knowing what you want to do, but as soon as you start something, you ask yourself if this is what you really want. I think it’s because you can’t leave football yet.”

And it was that Drenthe He never gave up playing again. “I still want to have fun for another year,” said the Dutch footballer.

Source: La Verdad


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