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A Peruvian man Percy Lisa was separated from the first team of Maritime of technicians jose gomeswho emphasized this Thursday that, despite the young attacker’s “great potential”, he does not want someone who “only gives 20 percent” to his team.

In a press conference before the match this Saturday against Arouca, Gomes He commented on the decision to put Liza in training at the subsidiary, and made sure that she needed “everyone to point to the same side and give everything they have for the benefit of the Marítimo”.

“I prefer people who I know will give 100 percent to someone who is stronger but only gives 20 percent,” he said.

jose gomesformer coach of Almeriamentioned his team’s position in the table, in the relegation zone, and stressed that they were “in a war”.

“We are in a war and to win it we have to have all the forces pointing in the same direction. If eventually there is a force, a rifle, an element that is not in the alignment we want, it has to go!” , he judged.

The coach emphasized that, with only 8 games to go and fighting for permanence, he had to “rely on everyone’s strength”, and the decision to dismiss Liza “It’s nothing personal”, just “professional”.

Percy Lisa He has a lot of potential, but sometimes I believe in him more than in himself,” he said.

LizaThe 22-year-old arrived at the Marítimo this season on loan from Peruvian Sporting Cristal, and has already played 15 games, with one goal scored, at the service of the team from the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.

Source: La Verdad


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