Finally the best Leo


Finally the best Leo

the surfer of Calcium, Raphael LeoHe is a spectacle player and he showed it this past Sunday at the stadium Diego Armando Maradona where a woman appeared with two great goals and endless dribble. after a 2023 somewhat irregular and with rumors of his future gaining more and more strength, the Portuguese needs a game like this to show his full potential and regain confidence before the decisive stage of the season, where the Milan the pass will be played on semifinals of Champions League against oneself Naples.

Besides the recital he gave to the group of Spallettiwho criticized him for the dance in celebration of the first goal, the best player of the past A series bring 11 goals and 10 help on this course, marked by its ups and downs, and more, he did not score from the start. January 14. The end went to world with a good level, although on return his performance dropped and he was even relegated to the bench in one match, which became the media spotlight mainly due to speculation about his future.

Now he seems to have regained the smile that makes him so recognizable when the world of football faces and celebrates him, and, despite the ongoing end of his contract at 2024is fully focused on Milanin the dream of Championsand for being the differential footballer again who posed a danger with every intervention on the ball and became a nightmare for his marker.

Also, the striker knows that, look to give the renewal in the economic conditions you want or for a big bet on himneeded improve your performance and maintain a regularity. Of what there is no doubt is that he has the talent, but will he be able to lead the ‘rossoneros’ for the remainder of the season?

Source: La Verdad


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