City are 1-1 against Bayern


Ederson – Steady

He was the savior expected with two great interventions on Sané.

Stone – Tried

He regained confidence and against Bayern he did not shake at any stage.

Akanji – Strict

Guardiola approved his arrival last summer and established himself as a starter in his own right. Take every fight seriously.

Rúben Dias – Impassable

He stepped in when he needed to, decisively blocking a venomous shot from Musiala. He scored 2-0 in the second half.

Aké – Disciplined

Eat forced him to be pessimistic and not take more risks than necessary.

Rodri – Great

Fernandinho’s best heir also appeared as the protagonist of the goals in the film. 1-0 should be remembered.

Bernardo Silva – Construction

It’s normal that Guardiola doesn’t want to sell. He gave City security with the ball and sacrificed himself to get it back.

De Bruyne – Creative

He has the gift of improving all he touches. When he often went to the right hand sector, he put some passes in the area with great danger. cannot be determined.

Gundogan – Unapproachable

He has a natural ability to appear out of nowhere. In the first half he had three chances, but he lacked skill.

Grealish – Unquestionable

From the initial decision to decisiveness in the recovery to lead 2-0.

Haaland – Punctual

Anodyne in the first half after conceding a goal after being drained and soft. He gave Bernardo Silva 2-0 and was sentenced 3-0.

Julián Álvarez – Instinctive

Between his eyebrows was the goal. He stayed a while to celebrate his.

Source: La Verdad


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