Yeray and his options to be the right back in the derby


ernesto valverde need to find a replacement From Marcos. The Laguardia winger, the only lion to play in all league matches, will miss the derby due to suspension. In Lekue injured, the most natural replacement is ander layerbut Portugalujo hasn’t played a starting game in almost two years and doesn’t seem to be very much in the taste of Valverde. Walls is another alternative and even Yes, more shots than his two companions. Barakaldo’s man has played in that position. Yesterday he was asked about this possibility. “The coach will decide. If I have to play on the side, I will do it in the best possible way. You have to be ready for everything, in the end what a player wants is to play, be it a central defender or a winger,” he said.

The Biscayan always speaks hypothetically until he found out his coach’s intentions: “Many years have passed since I had to play in that position. This is speculation, but if I had to appear in that position I would take the advice they could give me Demar (From Marcos), Lekue either Layers”.

Yes He will play his 203rd game as a lion against Real in his seven seasons in the first team. They may be more by the pain he suffered, but in any case, he appreciates it as it should. “For me this is a dream. Not even when I was 18 or three weeks ago did I think about it. It’s work for a long time, training every day, with my teammates everything becomes easier and the confidence I received from all the coaches I had. Above all, I ask that my injuries be respected in order to fulfill, God willing, many others,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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