1-0: Athletic secure virtual stay in the F League


The goal was accomplished. Athletic achieved virtual permanence in the top flight after beating Alhama at the bottom thanks to a goal from mariana just start the fight. Today, the rojiblancas lead the Murcians by ten points, the team that marks relegation, when only twelve are left to play in the last four days. In this way, the rojiblanco team will be able to prepare without the pressure of qualifying for the Cup Final Four that will take place between May 23 and 27 in Leganés. On Tuesday they will meet their opponent in the semifinal.

Iraia Iturregi He came out with a new midfield because of the loss of oguiza. mariana and dear zubieta was formed in the engine room with Azcona, Fined, Fake and Paula Arana as the most advanced players. The local team was superior in the first half. The rojiblancas went out for the win and found the goal in the 7′. mariana He picked up the ball in front and his shot slipped between the three sticks which was defended by Laura after passing under the legs of olivia. This was the prize for insistence in the first minutes.

A few moments later, Anne Azkona He has never come close to finishing a well placed ball Fake from the left wing and Arrigorriaga’s striker was unable to finish a pass from the right of Ouch. Laura He blocked without much difficulty with ten minutes to go before the break.




Quiñones, Oihane (Elexpuru, min. 72), Valdezate, Marta Unzué (Bibi, min. 46), Nerea Nevado, Mariana (Itxaso, min. 82), Maite Zubieta, Azkona, Pinedo, Peke (Amezaga, min. 72) , Paula Arana.

Laura, Olivia (Pinel, min. 74), Lena, Judith, Carmen, Carid (Lucía Martínez, min. 46), Daniela, Marina, Kuki, Raquel, Astrid (Xaxa, min. 59).

1-0: Mariana (min. 7).

Acevedo Dudley (Catalan Committee).
He advised Marta Unzué (min. 21), Pinedo (min. 48) and Carmen (min. 68).

see the match sheet

The locals had a chance to seal the match in the fourth quarter after the restart with a clear shot inside the penalty area. Paula Arana which was deflected by the visiting goalkeeper. Anne Azkona He then put the ball into the net, but the play was annulled for clear offside.

Alhama pressed in the last twenty minutes, but did not create clear chances against Sun Quinones and almost in the last game of the game bibiwhich reappeared after overcoming his pubic discomfort, has forced a major intervention in Laura with doubt as to whether the ball finally went in. The goal is not necessary because it is finally worth the mark for mariana. Athletic achieved a second consecutive victory at home after a harvest the previous day against Alavés and with it virtual safety in the absence of its mathematical confirmation.

Source: La Verdad


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