FIFA threatens not to broadcast the Women’s World Cup!


Gianni Infantino, The president of FIFA, threatened the women’s World Cup is not broadcast in the big five countries of Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France). The tournament will be held this summer in Australia and New Zealand. Infantino threatened to “shut down” the World Cup on these countries’ televisions if the offers of operators continues to be, until now, very lower to the claims of the highest body in the world.

In several statements collected by the FIFA website, Infantino described the offers received up to “disappointing, especially in the five big European countries”.

is not acceptable“, stressed the president of FIFA, assuring that the offers received “are of 20 to 100 times less of the men’s World Cup receipts: from amounts between 90 and 200 million euros, we went to others from 9 to 20 million. This is the one slap in front of all the women’s World Cup great players in the world”.

“Our obligation, moral and legal, is don’t waste the World Cup: if the offers continue to be unfair, we will be forced not to broadcast the World Cup in the five main European countries,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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