Alonso’s new car in Monaco


Aston Martin shows some interesting improvements from this F1 Monaco GP. The green team has been saying for months that its development plan for AMR23 who pilot Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll He is different from other opponents. He’s not going to introduce big new packages that completely change the car from race to race, and he wants to take the parts to the race, to multiple appointments, as they move through the production floor of his factory. Silverstone.

Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principalsaid last week that they will take “some new parts at Baku, Imola, Montreal and some at Silverstone, but we’ll take each small increment as soon as it’s ready instead of waiting to bundle everything into big packages. It’s a strategy that worked well for us last year.” In Baku they debuted the new rear wing with improved DRS. And in Imola they were going to take a series of new pieces, but the cancellation of the Italian race due to the floods suffered by Emilia-Romagna changed their plans. The next appointment is Monaco, a very special layout, with very close walls, so Aston Martin decided to put some of the new Imola parts in the Principality, but save others to put them in Barcelona.

“It’s just a bit divided. The improvements from Imola, the ones that make sense, we kept on the car for Monaco, and there are one or two parts that we’ll get in Barcelona, ​​​​​​because there’s no point in bringing them here. . This is a split approach. So we’ll have some updates here and some updates on Spain. And we’ll have a few more after Spain…” Mike Krack said.

Aston Martin improvements in Monaco

This Friday, the FIA ​​announced through its official documents the news of all the F1 teams, and among them, you can see some important changes to the green car of Alonso and Stroll. Obviously, they have a new maximum downforce on the rear wing for a track full of slow corners where you want to have as much downforce as possible.. But there is more: Aston Martin has debuted new front and rear suspension and the new rear wing aims to maximize the performance of these novelties. The change to the suspension aims to continue improving aspects such as the car’s cornering, braking and continue to maximize this car’s strong point, its excellent handling of the tires.

In addition, the Monaco Aston Martin AMR23 is equipped with new air vents in front of the brakes.

Mercedes, half new car

These evolutions cannot be compared to the massive changes shown by other teams like Mercedes, with a half new car: they changed the rear suspensions, front suspensions more in the style of Aston Martin and Red Bull, they left their ‘zero pontoon’ concept with side pontoons with a fall similar to those of Red Bull, Aston Martin and the entire grid. Mercedes also revealed a new engine hood and new cuts on the floorboards, among other things. Mercedes is more in need of a complete overhaul due to its poor initial performance, while Aston Martin, as the second best car in most of the opening races of the course, should only think about improving what a very good base.

In June, Aston Martin ran out of time advantage

In this sense, it should be noted that Aston Martin has 37% more usage time allowed by wind tunnel regulations and CFD simulations due to its 7th position in the last World Cup. That development lead will end this June., when the time allowed for each team to develop based on their current position in the World Cup will be recalculated. Aston Martin, 2nd in the Constructors’ Championship, will see its time in the wind tunnel and CFD simulations be drastically reduced for the second part of the course, so all the work done during this period will be of great help.

The end of this advantage does not mean that improvements will not continue to come. Aston Martin has already said that in Barcelona and other races they will bring new parts. And all the work done in the simulation can lead to the creation of more pieces for the rest of the course. And it is that the process of creating parts is long and, after investigation, its manufacturing rate depends on the machinery of each team. Aston Martin, which has worse tools at the moment because its new factory is still under construction, may take longer than the rest of the set.

“What you must understand is that there is a process. First, it is having the creativity to find the improvement. Once you have it, be it at the level of suspensions, wind tunnel or other things… you have to validate it in the simulator. And when everything is proven and the new part shows quite realistic potential for improvement, it goes into production. And there, depending on the equipment, they are faster at making parts depending on the machinery or if you have to subcontract”Pedro de la Rosa, ambassador of Aston Martin, commented to MD.

“And then there are improvements that are very simple because they are small deflectors or details that will be added to some aerodynamic part, or something else, for example, the redesign of the entire bottom of the car. If a team introduces of improvements sooner or later depends on many things. The important thing is to introduce them. This is not an excuse. Everything takes time and the important thing is that when they are introduced, all the improvements works and they give you a series of tenths of a year”, argues the Catalan. Aston Martin is sticking to its plan and more parts are coming in the fierce development race where it will compete against the biggest teams in F1.

Source: La Verdad


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