Pep, on the ‘Vinicius case’: “I hope it’s a step to progress in Spain, but I’m not optimistic”


Pep Guardiolacoach of City of Manchesterassured that the Spanish LaLiga should learn from the Premier League when it comes to punishing racist incidents and said that, although he hopes things will improve in Spain, he is not optimistic about it.

The Santpedor coach spoke at a press conference before facing the Brentford and he was asked about the ‘Vinicius case’ and about whether LaLiga needs to learn from the Premier.

“They should. Here they are very strict, they know what they have to do. But racism is everywhere, not in one place. It’s a problem everywhere. We are raised to think that we are better than our neighbors, that we are better than others,” said Guardiola.

“Racism is everywhere”

“But our generations come from different parts of the world. Our ancestors come from immigrants, from wars, from dictatorships. People who have to leave their countries, create their families, maybe go back to their country of origin… The problem is that racism is everywhere. And not only in color or gender, but also in attitudes. We believe that our country is better than others , that our language is the best. The more you travel, the more you realize that we are all equal, you accept diversity. We are still far from that”, stressed the Catalan.

Guardiola He added that he hoped that “what happened is a step to improve in Spain, but I am not optimistic.”

Source: La Verdad


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