Huge party in the streets of Ferrol to celebrate the rise of Racing


Thousands of people were with the staff and the coaching staff this Monday Ferrol Racing in celebrations for the team’s promotion to Second divisionwhere the footballers toured the city in an open-top bus and attended a reception at Ferrol Town Hall.

The car completed the long journey, which started in A Gándara industrial estate and passed through the Ultramar, Recimil, Esteiro, Ferrol Vello and Canido neighborhoods, places where fans of the team gathered for training. Christopher Parralo.

Finally, the players and technicians arrived at the Plaza de Armas, where the town hall is located and looked full for almost two hours, where a reception was held led by the acting mayor, Angel Mató, where the footballers intervened in front of the public from the balcony of the consistory.

The president of Racing de FerrolJose Maria Criadoconfirmed during the reception that the squad “hooked the city” and that in “any house in Ferrol there is a racinguista”, as well as that the company was “lucky that a serious and responsible group of investors chose for the project .” of the green club.

So, he mentioned the Elite Group, which is led by the businessman Ignacio Riveraexecutive president of Hijos de Rivera Corporation, owner of brewery Estrella Galicia.

The leader added that the team from Ferrol “want to reach the First Division”, a category in which it has not played in more than a hundred years of history, and acknowledged that “it is not easy, but I am convinced that it will be easier ascend from Second to First rather than from First Federation in the Second”.

The team captain, Joselu, remembered the late president Isidro Silveira Cameselle for “everything he did for Racing” and his son Isidro Silveira Rey, also a club leader and also deceased, and appreciated that his family left the entity to “the best possible hands It’s good that it’s in these hands.”

Also, he applauded the work of the sports director, Carlos Mouriz where he said he was “an important part of it”, and claimed to be “humbled, the greatness of this team”.

The Palmeiran footballer affirmed that the achievement of Racing de Ferrol “is incredible, we look forward to this moment”, and encouraged “blow humbly and unite, It was a victory for all of Ferrol; this club will continue to carry this shield for Spain with great pride”.

The acting mayor of Ferrol, Ángel Mato, has already estimated the “the city has always been much abused” Despite the fact that “he has everything” and he reviews that how “the streets are filled with people, you can’t imagine the illusion that makes me, you are a reference; I love seeing A Malata full of children enjoying with you”.

He wants football players who are in the Second Division “do the best paper possible” and he showed his hope regarding the team’s debut in the First Division: “I hope we will see it; you have overcome all the difficulties, Isidro Silveira I want him to see this promotion”.

Source: La Verdad


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