Hamilton, wrist in F1: Not in gems? This is how it was presented at a press conference


The theme of jewelry and Lewis Hamilton continue to bring the tail. Almost a month ago, at the Australian GP, ​​the new race director opened a melon that would take a long time to finish. Niels Wittitchrecalled at the time the ban on all pilots wearing jewelry during the Grand Prix. “I won’t take them away”, Hamilton responded publicly in relation to his holes. “These are personal matters. You must be capable of who you are,” the Briton added, against regulations designed to increase pilot safety. And now, the pulse of both sides seems to be tightening.

For one thing, the FIA ​​is even ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Niels told all teams they need to confirm that their drivers are complying with interior and jewelry regulations during events through a new form amended to “include checks related to compliance with Appendix L of the International Sporting Code (ISC), Chapter III, specifically Article 2 on compliance with undergarment and Article 5 on wearing jewelry. ”

But Hamilton, far from bowing his head, did the opposite. He showed his ideas by doubling his bet. Coincidentally, in Miami he showed up at the press conference with more jewelry than usual: about four or five necklaces, two watches, rings on almost all of his fingers, and the usual holes. He knew they would ask him about this topic. And her answers didn’t fail: “I can’t get more jewelry now,” she said sarcastically.

“But I really have nothing more to add than what I said the last time I was in front of you and we talked about it.”added the Briton.

Hamilton: “FIA has bigger fish to fry”

“I feel like a step back. If you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the biggest issues and reasons we need to focus on and really push … I think we’ve taken great steps as a sport. “

“Look, we’re here in Miami. It’s a very small thing … I’ve been in sports for 16 years, I’ve been wearing jewelry for 16 years. In my car I’m only wearing earrings and a nose ring that I can’t even remove. So ‘ It does not seem necessary for us to enter into this dispute, “Lewis concluded.

“One of the holes I can’t explain where it is …”

“I can’t release even two. One I can’t really explain where … But what I can say is platinum I have so it’s not magnetic, it hasn’t been a security issue in the past. I have undergone many MRIs in 16 years and they have not have to remove the platinum, “said the 7-time champion, who even threatened not to run if they put him in complications:” And if they prevent me, so be it. May spare driver kami … maraming gagawin sa city so I’m okay. “

According to the International Sporting Code, drivers must wear “long underwear”And other fire-resistant clothing homologized according to FIA standards. In this sense, it prohibits the use of jewelry “in the form of body piercings or metal neck chains”.

The race director recalled “in case medical photos are required to report the diagnosis after an accident, the presence of body jewelry can cause a significant complication and delay” and that they can hinder intervention and medical treatment due to the risk of being caught when removing any part of safety equipment, such as a helmet, balaclava or coverall.

lewis He also revealed that he sent a message to the new president of FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem |before reaching the dance floor, he was told that this fight for gems seemed foolish to him and he would not fight it.

Source: La Verdad


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