Benzema and Courtois examine Levante’s pain


Ancelotti returns his two most decisive pieces to confront a rival who has no margin of error to advance in the First Division

Carlo Ancelotti rarely plays hide and seek. The minor stumbling block against Atletico last Sunday was digested without the need for a tonic as the priority was to avoid injury and manage effort. lineup for the Champions League final with Liverpool at 28. “Those who have played less today will play Thursday, and the same against Cadiz,” said the Italian. Benzema, who did not take to the field in the derby, returns to the scene at the Santiago Bernabéu, as do Modric and Vinicius, who only played the last leg of the duel with the mattress team. They will be joined by Courtois, who has recovered from the gastroenteritis that prevented him from training on Tuesday and also revitalized by last weekend’s truce. So, with the four aces that once again catapulted him to the title at the top of the game, Chamartín’s team faces another contest of mere formality that, on the other hand, is life or death for Levante.

The visiting team has no margin of error to advance in the First Division. A defeat to Real Madrid would mean their mathematical descent to second place. The draw would also send him to the pit in case Cadiz were to score a point in Anoeta, where the yellow team, having won the specific ‘goal average’ with the granotas, will face Real Sociedad shortly before Levante moves to the Bernabeu. Matt jumps to contrast his painful situation with the state of happiness his host is going through this Thursday. Only the win would allow him to continue dreaming of permanence without further speculation and those distant options cling to Alessio Lisci’s squad, who took the helm of the Valencian squad on matchday 16, when the eviction seemed inevitable, and in managed to rearm sufficiently for that rescue, though very complicated, twenty dates later turns out not to be a chimera.

“Levante has improved since his arrival. It is a team that has scored a lot of points, plays with personality and guts,” Ancelotti noted when asked in the preview about the work of his young compatriot. The Roman coach has collected 22 of the 29 points that appear in the Levante box. An average of 36.6% in the 20 league games he directed would have kept the Barça bloc off the brink were it not for the bad baggage he garnered in the early months of the campaign under the tutelage of Paco López and Javier Pereira.

Particularly important has been their drive over the last month and a half of the competition, which has seen them take three wins and a draw in the six most recent matches. Since April, Levante has only lost to Sevilla and Barca, in both cases minimal and fighting to the end. Their performances speak of a group that responds to extreme pressure with confidence and character.

Much of the credit can be attributed to Comandante Morales, the architect of five goals and four assists in his last six appearances. The Getafe player has also made a splash in the last two Granota wins at the home of Real Madrid. His punch threatens an opponent who will continue the rotations.

“If you lose competitiveness, you will not do well in the Champions League. We have to manage the fatigue of the players well and enjoy this time so that they are 100 percent. I changed the team a little bit against Atletico. “All year we’ve talked about the coach not rotating and now that he is rotating nobody is happy. It’s time to give everyone minutes to reach the top on the 28th,” emphasized Ancelotti, whose margin to distribute the workload limited by the infirmary.

Alaba, Ceballos, Bale, Isco are still without medical discharge and have not made a call from which also fell Marcelo and Hazard, who are expected against Cadiz, as well as Asensio, injured in the right ankle, and Carvajal, who will have rest. For this reason, the Reggiolo player turned to two homegrown players who have already made their first-team debuts this season to complete the list: centre-back Mario Gila and winger Peter Federico. “It’s a game that we have to play well. We have to keep up the pace and win,” the transalpine announced.

Source: La Verdad


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