The biggest economic sanction of Wimbledon 2023, for the child prodigy Mirra Andreeva


The 2023 edition of Wimbledon is facing its final stage with valuable baggage of amazing points, but also ugly actions that deserve punishment.

The biggest of them got, by far, Mirra Andreeva. The 16-year-old Russian, who reached the round of 16, was fined 8,000 euros for throwing a racket twice in the match she lost against the American Madison Keys.

Andreeva, the youngest Wimbledon eighth finalist since Cori Gauff in 2019, he threw his racket twice during the match against Keysthe first by losing the second set, despite the fact that it was 4-1, and the second, two points from losing the match.

The Russian, having received the second warning, lost the point, which meant a match point against him. Andreeva argued first in front of the umpire’s chair and then to the press that the second time she did not throw the racket on purpose and he dropped it with a slip.

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Despite the explanations Andreeva received two fines, both for racket abuse and in the amount of 4,000 euros each. This is the biggest penalty a tennis player has received so far in the tournament.

Source: La Verdad


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