Paste instead of surgery: new therapy for skin cancer


Especially in summer, the danger of intensive sunbathing is often underestimated with extensive sunbathing. In Austria alone, 30,000 people get white skin cancer every year. An innovative method has recently been applied in the Klinikum Klagenfurt, which no longer requires surgery, but a paste is sufficient to combat malignant tumours.

“Although public awareness about sun protection has increased, the number of skin cancer cases is still increasing,” says senior physician Julian Kofler from the department of dermatology and venereology at the Klagenfurt clinic. Since tanned skin is still considered the beauty ideal in our part of the world, many would carelessly accept the dangers of sunbathing for hours on end, the doctors are convinced. In Austria alone, about 30,000 people get white skin cancer every year.

Since the end of June, the Klagenfurt clinic has therefore been using an innovative method for the treatment of this malignant tumor disease. As a result, patients will no longer have to undergo complicated surgery in the future, but will be treated with a radioactive paste. This technique is mainly used for cancerous growths on the face. Jakob S. from Feldkirchen was the first patient to be treated with “radionuclide rhenium-188” at the Klagenfurt clinic.

Source: Krone


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