Pellegrini: "We want to win and we’ll be at the end of LaLiga where we landed"


Manuel Pellegrinitechnician of Real Betisjust think of winning grenade and reached 64 points this Sunday, due to the possibility of beating the Sevilla FC (65 points) and reach a place for Champions This is not something that depends this time only on your team. “We are psyched up for the next game, everything else is speculation. We don’t depend on ourselves, we can win both games and not qualify. We want to win and we’ll see at the end of The league where did we end up The locker room is like a whole year, pending the next game that allows us to score points ”.

Pellegrini line up before grenade the best eleven possible, because many are still at stake Real Betis these last two days, where he can still finish 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th, with the resulting economic benefit, greater depending on the better final classification or, of course, earning a place of Champions: “The season is not over., We will deal with the remaining games with the best eleven possible. As a coach, it is important to not just start, but five changes. In between we all need to add three more points to reach 64 points and see on the last day what happens ”.

Asked about the potential of grenadeAnd what do you expect from him? Pellegrini He said the following: “They are a complex rival. The goal quota has dropped and we have to play a good game”.

He was also asked by Nabil Fekir, showing accumulated fatigue in some games, it is not for nothing that he is one of the players who played the most on the squad: “Nabil has played a lot of games, but physically he is very good. Everyone has more good or worse game. Everyone has good and bad moments. Nabil always does a good job “, said the Chilean.

LaLiga has changed the schedules of this Sunday’s matches, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, which are appreciated in Seville, where this Saturday the 30º in the shade was exceeded: “At least an hour less, in 6:30 pm criminal.Hopefully tomorrow is not a much hot day.The show will be a bit dark, but both teams have a big influence on the game at high speed and it will be a good game.

Eventually, Pellegrini He referred to the improvement the team has experienced with the defense, which is still trying to fix more: “The average when we arrived was about 60 goals received in previous seasons, last season it was 50 and this time we will go for 40. The key is the cumulative work of all the lines to recover the ball as high as possible, to lower its loss and have several alternatives to reach the opposite goal “There has been a huge improvement in the defensive plot, a team that wants The fight for something should fit into one goal per game and if you want to win something important you have to go down to 30,” the Chilean said.

Source: La Verdad


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