Llopis achieved her best mark in the 110 hurdles but was left without a prize in the final


the valencian Quique Llopiswhich he did in the semifinals of the 110 meter hurdles of World Cups in Budapest his personal best (13.30)was eliminated at the end of its third series and, over time, was left in the final at the end of the ninth position.

Llopis, 22, arrived in Budapest after completing a good outdoor season with victories at the Ibero-American Meeting in Huelva, the José Antonio Cansino Memorial in Castellón or the Spanish Championship. However, with the excellent goal of the outdoor season, he was left in the final, which he did not access due to the times.

The Valencian is third in his series with 13.30 surpassed by the American Grant Holloway (13.02)who is looking for his third straight world gold, and the French Sasha Zhoya (13.15)U20 world champion, who achieved his personal best.

The Olympic champion, the Jamaican Hansle Parchmententered the final with a 13.18, fifth fastest time.

Source: La Verdad


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