Contador calls for tough justice against pro-independence who want to sabotage the Vuelta by pouring oil on the cyclists’ path: “It’s an assassination attempt”


Fortunately the National Police iHe intervened in time and had no misfortune to regret. Members of the security forces discovered and deactivated a mechanism installed by some independentists consisting of two drums, each holding 200 liters, ready to pour liquid like a machine as cyclists pass by.

The four arrested were shocked when they tried to activate the mechanism and are now free of charges.

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Faced with an event of these characteristics, the former professional cyclist and Eurosport commentator Alberto Contador He cried out to heaven and asked for a strong hand for them. “Stand your feathers. It is not a question of freedom or not, that you want to defend a goal at the expense of some cyclists, who have nothing to do with it and who can kill each other, that justice is cruel , you cannot put the lives of cyclists at risk,” he said in the broadcast of the fifth stage of the Vuelta Pinto cyclist.

And he added: “This is a perfect assassination attempt. We are talking about 200 cyclists training in a tunnel – they tried to pour the liquid right at the entrance of the tunnel – and all the runners could go to the ground and could they will kill you. It’s like you put a bomb in the car”. Contador thought that those arrested “do not know what they can promote and I hope that justice will act in accordance with the action that they want to carry out.”

Source: La Verdad


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