Cabin video: – Prigozhin flew to his death with a picture of Putin


Seven hours before the fatal flight of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin last week in Russia, video recordings were made of the interior of the later crashing plane. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that apparently a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin was installed in the cabin. A pretty funny one, too, because he could be seen grinning with a pilot’s helmet on his head.

“He made some serious mistakes in his life,” Putin concluded about Prigozhin when he offered his condolences to his family after the accident. Because Putin’s former friend has been considered a “traitor” since the “March on Moscow” – and, as is known, the Russian head of state cannot forgive treason. According to the plane of the Wagner boss, this resentment does not seem to have been mutual. Because there a portrait of Putin adorned the aircraft cabin until the end (see video below).

Putin-Prigozhin meeting in Moscow
According to the Telegram channel vchk-ogpu, Prigozhin also met with Putin the day before the crash. He had recently returned to Russia from Africa. On August 22 – the day before the plane exploded – the head of the Kremlin met with the president of Mozambique in Moscow. Apparently, Prigozhin must have had something to do with the conversation.

Obsessed with conspiracy theories
On the same day, Prigozhin was to leave for Saint Petersburg by plane. However, the plan was scrapped at the last minute. This was nothing unusual for Wagner’s founder, who was reportedly obsessed with conspiracy theories. Prigozhin changed machines and routes several times. It is also known that the passenger list always had to be destroyed after the flights.

The authorities thwarted precautions
Shortly before the explosion, this sophisticated procedure was no longer possible because new official regulations forced Prigozhin to consistently adhere to the specified route and departure times. Was that a coincidence? Certainly not in a country like Russia…

Source: Krone


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