These are the tracks where Alonso believes he can have options to pressure Verstappen and find 33


“I am happy with our performance on Sunday in Zandvoort. This is good news and we continue to analyze all the data and we hope to confirm it here at Monza and Singapore, which are two unique circuits. This is how Fernando Alonso presented himself yesterday in the run-up to F1 Italian GP. The car from Oviedo, with the evolution shown in the Netherlands, advanced and Fernando took advantage of it to return to the podium after four races away from him with an exhibition, even with options to win in a tight ending in Max Verstappen under the rain.

“And me”, he responded between laughs when he remembered that many thought that Fernando would throw himself into everything to try to overtake the Dutchman after the last start at Zandvoort, a moment that he did not consider the last try. put against the ropes the champion

“Also, Singapore could be another good opportunity on paper. But I think for Austin I also have a good feeling that the car will be fast there, and the Aston Martins were fast there last year. And Mexico, why no, not too much. I think it won’t just be Singapore. We can’t just imagine Singapore, I think there will be more opportunities,” he said. The Spaniard is confident that the car will be competitive on these three tracks above all the rest. We have to see if Max fails on some occasion.

A mistake by Verstappen

Apart from this, Alonso knows that the opportunity can also come if a mistake comes from a Max, where he stressed that “he is being the best in everything” and so far he has not disappointed.

“There could be some distraction error, some problem, some mechanical problem. One day something like this could happen to Verstappen and suddenly the possibility of a victory opens up. Next on the list (in the natural race position) is the ‘Checo’ Pérez, and the next on the list to see who it is every weekend”, he pointed out, remembering that depending on the characteristics of each track, in a group chaser so tight, in each race the second car is may be different. In this sense, it is clear to him that in order to choose it, the Aston Martin must be there as the second best car.

“But we are not on the list this weekend anyway…”, revealed Oviedo, knowing that this weekend Ferrari must lead the tight chasing group in a Monza that fits like a glove, no less on, Saturday in qualifying because of his engine power, his straight line speed and one lap.

Source: La Verdad


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