Inter Miami gives details about Messi’s possible farewell to Barcelona


Inter Miami gives details about Messi’s possible farewell to Barcelona

Leo Messi has arrived at USA in style and, despite the fact that he is currently injured, his first months as a player of Inter Miami They have been an absolute success. To discuss this and other topics, one of the partners of the North American group and key to the arrival of Leo, Jorge Masgave an interview to the Sportsman’s Club and reported by Marca in which he assured, among other things, that “I gave him my promise that I will do everything possible in the coming years so that he has the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans. in Barcelona.”, adding that “Inter Miami will go or we will have some kind of fight.”

About signing the Argentine “I always wanted to sign Leo. Everyone told me that I was crazy to think that he would go to Inter Miami. What could be better than the best player in the world to go to Miami, if where can Rejoice with his wife, with his children!”

Mas said that “in 2019 I organized a meeting with Jorge Messi. there David Beckham and I explained to him Jorge within three hours the project Miami. I told him: ‘Your son will have the opportunity to create a new legacy because he will be able to change a sport in a country,’ and that is very rarely given to an athlete. I continue to maintain communication with Jorge. It took four and a half years to convince Lionel and make him decide with his family. I never lost faith. I am convinced Lionel Messi is coming, I see that there is a great possibility after the World Cup, and in January or February to close something.

When asked about the Arab competition to sign him, Mas assured that “obviously, as the best player in the world, there is a lot of competition, a lot. Not only with the renewal that PSG wants, the possible return to Barcelona and the offers. from Saudi Arabia. Actually, they are Some very intense months, I had multiple meetings between Rosario, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Madrid, Paris, Miami, Doha… Did I see in danger the operation? No doubt. There was a lot Messi’s departure from Barcelona he didn’t want, no. “He was able to say goodbye to his club, who accepted him as a child, and I think the circumstances are not the Lionel likes.”

Source: La Verdad


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