Viruses beware! – Room landlord lured into a trap with a “complaint”.


The email from a so-called guest aroused the curiosity of the operator of a Tyrolean guest house. But instead of the photos as evidence, the room landlord suddenly had a virus on the computer.

The summer season went well for Harald Egger (name changed by the editors). Although the golden autumn continues to attract holidaymakers to its guest house, the Unterländer is now preparing for the winter crowds with its twelve holiday apartments.

Complaints from guests are taken seriously
“We always ensure that holidaymakers have a good time and therefore always look carefully at guest reviews,” emphasizes the 42-year-old. The room landlord takes complaints and suggestions for improvement very seriously.

Egger recently received a less pleasant email. A so-called guest complained – as could already be read in the subject line – about the lack of cleanliness in the holiday apartment. Apparently the sender had already complained on the spot, but no one from the staff had responded, it said in English.

Alleged photos of evidence sparked curiosity
“This made me suspicious, because there was actually no problem with a family going on holiday this summer,” the Unterlander wondered, but got curious and opened a link that was sent along with alleged photos as evidence.

An error! Because shortly afterwards his entire booking system collapsed. The link contained malware that brought the PC to a standstill. “Fortunately the damage was limited, but it was still annoying,” says Egger.

Pension provider wants to pay attention to addresses in the future
Other hoteliers and room rental companies received similar messages in which an alleged theft was filmed in a room. Anyone who wanted to watch the video fell into the trap – just like with the photos. “I will be particularly careful with attachments and links in the future,” vows the 42-year-old. From now on he always compares the email addresses with those from the booking.

Source: Krone


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