Friendly meeting between Rocha and Tebas


Friendly meeting between Rocha and Tebas

Next October 15th will mark one month from then Pedro Rocha was appointed as president of RFEF Management Commission and after the dissolution of the Board of Directors as a result of the resignation of Luis Rubiales as president of RFEF just five days earlier, on September 10. This position as president of the Commission on Management came after he temporarily assumed the presidency of Royal Spanish Federation after being suspended on Saturday, August 26 for 90 days by FIFA. Suspension linked to disciplinary file opened by world football’s highest body and not yet resolved.

From the beginning the message of Pedro Rocha It is one of unity and a spirit of dialogue with other sectors of Spanish football where there has been permanent confrontation over the past five years. Starting with the Professional Football League representing 20 First and 22 Second clubs.

This coming summer the current coordination agreement ends

As MD found out, a meeting took place between the current manager of the federation and the president of the employers’ association, Javier Tebas. A very friendly meeting between the two, something that has not happened in recent years due to the existing confrontation between the former president of RFEF, Luis Rubialeswith the Javier Tebas. There are many themes that the organizations share. Starting with the current coordination agreement between the two organizations where powers are established in addition to the money that LALIGA contributes to the RFF. Agreement that expires at the end of this 2023-2024 season.

Another topic on the table, which we have already mentioned MD; This is the arbitration agreement. In this case, it ended in June and there is still no agreement between the two entities on the salaries that referees, assistants and referees should receive. VAR for the next few years. For now they are keeping what they had last season 2022-2023.

This is a very positive step taken by the current RFEF leader until the election is called. And that won’t just be done in men’s football. He also intends, if he hasn’t already, to meet Beatriz Alvarez president of League F. There are also many issues on the table. Starting with the need for a coordination agreement that has not existed until now between both organizations, in addition to resolving the arbitration receipt among the clubs that has been taking place since last season. An agreement that is also important for the F League to recover 20% of the commercial income established by the CSD in a resolution in June, while this agreement does not exist.

Also approach LNFS

And there was also another approach in another institution where the former president of RFEF maintains a permanent conflict. This is about National Futsal League. In this case it is through the highest federative person in charge of this matter, José Manuel Monjewho already had a meeting with you Javier Lozanopresident representing most clubs in the National Futsal League.

Source: La Verdad


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