Almost 300 boys and girls star in the first Kids Bouin athletics training Powered by Varta


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and that’s it! He told a monitor to a group of girls and boys from Escola Voramar who would be doing their first series of relays. The CEM La Marc Bella facilities in Barcelona This October 10th they hosted the first of three children’s training CEEB-Mundo Deportivo-Kids-Bouin Operated by Varta on the occasion of 100 Allianz Jean Bouin on November 26. Almost 300 school children Escola Voramar, Escola Ramon Lull, Col.legi Urgell and Escola Fort Peins They were introduced to the magic of athletics for two hours on a beautiful morning.

The young athletes, under the watchful eye of their teachers and expert instructors, completed a 20-minute series in the modalities of relay, throwing, hurdles, long jump, sensory diversity and speed. “This is the second year we have come. We like it and it’s fine. All the outings outside the school for the kids are good, and before going to the athletics test in the schoolyard we prepare the athletic tests we can,” the woman told MD. physical education teacher Marta Crespo, from Escola Ramon Llull.

And the truth is that enthusiasm, happiness and the desire to have a good time rule the sports events in the morning. “I came another year and I really like the relays,” highlighted the girl Carla, from the Voramar School, before starting his series, while a few meters away his friend Maria, impatiently waiting for the witness, pointed out “I’m glad.” A few meters away, the monitor told them to be attentive, stay in the lane and apply what they were taught.

After two exciting hours of athletics, it’s time to go back to school, with a smile on your face and a little tired, before taking MD goodie bag and some children asked permission from their teachers to go to the beach, because it was close and it was a summer day.

Source: La Verdad


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