Possible fine of one million euros for F1 drivers: this is how they reacted


After the meeting of World Council of the International Automobile Federation this Thursday in GenevaThe FIA announced that it would increase the maximum fine that can be imposed on competitors. He did it in a surprising way, with an unexpected rise that caught everyone’s attention. For example, the new maximum fine that can be imposed in F1 is four times the previously set number. It comes from the maximum 250,000 eurosto the fine limit of 1 million euros.

In other competitions, the FIA It was not lacking. For other FIA world championships, such as World Rally Championship (WRC), Rally-Raid (W2RC), World Endurance Championship (WEC), World Formula E Championship or World RallyCross Championshipthe maximum penalty will be 750,000 euros. And in In other categories that are not considered a World Cup, such as FIA F3 or FIA F2, the largest fine to be imposed is 500,000 euros.

Surprise and joke from the pilots: “What should we do…?

No wonder the F1 drivers joked about the staggering figure of one million euros. Mainly, because of the number of fines usually imposed in F1, which are lower than that amount.

For example, Max Verstappen has been fined 50,000 euros for touching the rear wing of Hamilton’s Mercedes at Brazil 2021. Or if you look at the list of the most fined pilots from last year, from 2022, Sebastian Vettel leads it, with 35,900 for various actions, followed by Sainz, with 25,000, and ‘Checo’ Pérez, with 10,600. In a whole year.

Without walking further, Lewis Hamilton was fined two weeks ago at the Qatar F1 GP for crossing the track on foot after his accident. For this action, completely unsafe and considered a bad example for young people, Lewis received a 25,000 euro penalty. AND In 2022, his team, Mercedes, received another 25,000 because Hamilton did not remove his nostril.

Given these numbers, it’s only natural that pilots ask themselves the same question: What do you have to do to be fined 1 million euros?

“It seems ridiculous. “Charles (Leclerc) can give his watch, but I’ll be lost and they won’t be able to find me.” he said between laughs Kevin Magnussenwhose salary is predicted to be around $5 million.

“If touching a rear wing costs 50,000 euros, then I want to know what it is for 1 million euros”Verstappen joked for his part, recalling his breach in Brazil in 2021.

“I have no idea what a fine of 1 million euros could be worth. Some pilots earn less than that. He has a lot of money”Leclerc declared.

In fact, according to ‘Forbes’, there are two drivers on the current grid who earn that amount: Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo, both in AlphaTauri, while Hülkenberg, Stroll, Zhou and Piastri will earn 2 million.

Source: La Verdad


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