The IOC is going "Step by step" with Russia for the 2024 Paris Games


“Step by Step” will take International Olympic Committee (IOC) decisions on the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the exams to qualify for Paris Games 2024which will begin this year, indicated the president of the organization, the German Thomas Bach.

“We will go step by step. We don’t know how the political situation will evolve. Depending on what happens, we will make the appropriate decisions,” he told a news conference after the meetings of the 139th IOC Session.

“We cannot speculate. We follow the scenario day by day,” he said, commenting on the possibility that sanctions weighing on Russian and Belarusian athletes will leave them in the qualifying process for the next Games. .

Bach mentioned at the Session that “the deterioration” of relations with Russia, after measures against his sport due to doping irregularities and then the invasion of Ukraine, was further translated into “personal threats”, a issue to one who does not want to. to deepen his appearance in the media. “I don’t extend myself for security reasons,” he said.

The Olympic leader referred to the recent re-election of Russian Umar Kremlev as head of the International Boxing Association (IBA), after the disqualification of his lone rival, the Dutchman Boris van der Vorst, and said that this scenario was not like that. the IOC thought when it asked IBA for “good governance” to restore to it the recognition it had revoked.

“There are many more concerns that are still there. It is also true that during the Women’s World Cups we did not receive any reports of referee manipulation. We will study everything to consider,” he said.

Thomas Bach was also asked about the participation of transgender women in women’s competitions and pointed out that “the IOC’s position is that in this there is no solution that works for everyone.”

“It’s about creating a fair competition and everyone has the right to do sport. We have to go sport by sport and discipline by discipline to see if there’s an unfair disadvantage,” he said.

Bach called for all decisions to be based “on scientific evidence” and to be made after “an inclusive dialogue with all parties.”

Source: La Verdad


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