Griezmann and Robin


The Eiffel Tower emits its lights on the sides with unparalleled majesty. What better security guard to control everything in France. East of the capital, Macon. Where he was born Antoine Griezmann 31 years ago. Towards the extreme west is Pabu, the birthplace of Robin LeNormand (25 years). The closure of the Anoeta League, once they have crossed the Pyrenees, brings about a battle in Gaul, which is worth watching for football lovers in France.

Griezmann and Robin will soon be marked at Real-Atlético de Madrid tomorrow. Every visit of the Gallic world champion to Anoeta is a reason to stop at the first stations of this realistic golden age. When Griezmann became the guiding angel of a magical ascent: from the Second Division to the Champions League the ball was sewn into his left boot. La Real has continued its evolution and now is the time when The Normand take the witness Griezmann. The middle one is another kind of elementary. More prosaic, opposite profile. From superb talent to piecework service. Two French forged in Zubieta. Tomorrow faces will be seen from very close to Anoeta.

The fight brings together the two Frenchmen with the most imprints in Real history, without a doubt. A clear sign that Le Normand has found a place in the sporting backbone of the entity. In this sham they conducted in the Anoeta offices the negotiations of a renewal to the point. Chords on an impeccable level: he is the player with the most minutes of the season.

Le Normand’s hatching at Real was powerful. Only Griezmann surpasses him as a Frenchman with more game in the txuri urdin shirt. In his five seasons as royalist, the striker has come to defend the shield 202 times (52 goals). Nearing the end of his fourth season, the defender has 136 official fights. At a rate of 34 per course, he still has a way to reach the records of a Griezmann who tomorrow will return to Anoeta supported by his president. Due to the doubts that have passed in the future, Enrique Cerezo, head of Atlético de Madrid, confirmed in recent hours that Griezmann will continue in the Metropolitan.

The ex of Royal and Robin LeNormand They defeated the remaining French representatives, who went through the club with more determination: The O, Potillon, Sagnan, brechet, Ducasse (1950s), Rene (1960s) at It’s dark (1940s).

Source: La Verdad


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