Djokovic – Dimitrov, live | Tennis final of Paris Masters 1000 – Bercy, live today


40-30 Djokovic, finds a good first serve again…
SET BALL! First.

PUNCH OF 33 HITS, TAKEN BY DIMITROV. Well held by the Bulgarian. How difficult it was to close out a set, also for Nole, who suddenly no longer won the serve turn with ease.

30-15 Djokovic, who has enough not to disappoint. Dimitrov’s forehand error, which when extending the point often ends up losing it.

15-15 Dimitrov attacks well from the right,
his first point from the rest after ten in a row was won by Djokovic’s serve.

15-0 Djokovic. Dimitrov’s gift, backhand at the net. Gentle

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Dimitrov calls for hawkeye… And Djokovic’s first serve is long. Second Nole serve.

8 for 8 in his last two deliveries. Both are blank. This serves to close the set.

Djokovic serves for a set.
43 minutes left.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 5-4

Dimitrov survived, holding the set. DJOKOVIC NEEDS TO WIN THIS WITH HIS SERVE.

It was important for Grigor to win a game again
after 3-0 partial Djokovic.

Dimitrov advantage, question of safety.

Both. Dimitrov, destabilized after the break. Error after error.

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The chair umpire changed the linesman’s decision. Djokovic sings mala, calling for the hawk’s eye.
Total victory of the French Renaud Lichtenstein. 40-30 Dimitrov.

30-30 Backhand on Dimitrov’s claw.
Djokovic, two points from the set.

30-30 Dimitrov, breathe thanks to a good first serve. He needs the joy of other days, to forget about the stage and the rival. Nothing is easy, no doubt. Predictable.

15-15 Djokovic never fails, Dimitrov suffers,
making his tenth unforced forehand error.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 5-3

Second consecutive blank game on Djokovic serve. He had this set under control, and still had plenty of gear to put in if needed. Confirm the break.

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40-0 Djokovic,
third ace

30-0 Djokovic. Four points in a row. Dimitrov is starting to get frustrated more than necessary, because he is not playing with the joy of other days. The final is weighing.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 4-3

BREAK IN FAVOR OF DJOKOVIC!!! Huge return from the Serbian, it put Dimitrov in trouble, who hesitated and threw the backhand cross against the net. He caught up with her in the middle of the court.
The first bite of the Serbian trophy.

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30-40 DJOKOVIC BREAK BALL!!! To Dimitrov himself, long. FIRST HOT POINT OF THE FINAL.

30-30 Dimitrov, at the net, holds on the volley. Smash to close after Djokovic’s lob.

15-30 Djokovic. Dimitrov’s forehand lump error.

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15-0 Dimitrov,
second ace

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 3-3

Blank game Nole, it was closed to him
second ace.

40-0 Djokovic. On the second serve he changes his approach this time. He successfully looked for Dimitrov’s body and backhand.

30-0 Djokovic. If he makes the first serve, period.
Maximum efficiency, 8 out of 8 won.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 2-3

Remove 30 Dimitrov, who has lost 11 of 12 against Djokovic,
who hasn’t won in ten years.

40-30 Dimitrov, covers the net, Djokovic passes wide. The Bulgarian hits the net.

Dimitrov lost the point 30-30,
He broke the ropes and couldn’t control the ball.

30-15 Dimitrov. On the reverse issue, Djokovic makes more mistakes: 6 to 1. The world is upside down. Usually the Serbian is life insurance with this blow, where the Bulgarian suffers more. Although both aspire to rule with right.

Dimitrov’s seventh forehand error, only one for Djokovic.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 2-2

After a double fault and ‘eating’ the return, a 0-30 Dimitrov, Djokovic becomes number one and suddenly serves well and brings the game to 30 with four points in a row. Master’s degree. Mastery of the situation.
Ninth final in Paris, wants his seventh title.

40-30 Djokovic.
Three points in a rowall backed by a superb first serve.

15-30 Dimitrov. Suddenly, just when he looked like he was in a hurry, a Djokovic with more spark appeared. In the face of adversity, the response. Hence their 17 game winning streak. He is a player who can do it all in a successful series.

0-30 Dimitrov. Like the moments of the previous days, especially in the first set, Djokovic was a little slow in his movements.

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0-15 Dimitrov.
Djokovic’s first double fault.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 1-2

I play 30 Dimitrov. A quarter of an hour remains.
Djokovic’s 137th. Dimitrov’s 17th.

40-30 Great point from Dimitrov, who holds his backhand cross cut several times, but surprisingly with a parallel, which then allows him to take the initiative with his forehand and win the point on the other foot. Experience of both, 32 years for the Bulgarian and 36 for the Serbian.

15-30 Djokovic. Neither one nor the other has started yet. More caution than anything else. Logically, this is a final. It gradually warms up.

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Dimitrov’s first ace.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 1-1

I play 30 Djokovic, solid on his serve.

40-30 Djokovic, with the first serve starts the attack by moving his opponent from one side to the other, which he finishes with a soft backhand volley. A fantastic approach and touch.

15-30 Dimitrov. Very unsuccessful with Djokovic’s backhand, when it was basically life insurance. This week he cheated. He hasn’t played since September, he’s in the finals. And in seven days he will defend his status as ‘master’, champion of the ATP Finals in Turin.

Djokovic said he didn’t know if the ball went in, inviting Dimitrov to ask for a hawkeye.

Dimitrov’s ball touches the baseline. Mala sang, repeating the point. 15-0 Djokovic.

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15-0 Djokovic opens his serve turn with a
first ace

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 0-1

Another backhand error from the Serbian, game in four minutes for the Bulgarian.

The Serbian put serum in his eyes, he complained of poor eyesight. He wears contact lenses.

Dimitrov advantage, first rise to the net. Good failure.

Both. Long right hand from Dimitrov. 14 hits. The point was well worked by Djokovic, who looked for the Bulgarian’s backhand, defended himself with a chop but lost control of the operations.

40-30 Dimitrov. Djokovic’s second backhand error which is long.

30-30 Right in the net by Dimitrov, who lost in the Geneva final this year. A few weeks ago, he was a semi-finalist in another ATP Masters 1000, in Shanghai. He is in shape, with renewed vigor.

30-15 Dimitrov, reverses his forehand to command.

0-15 Djokovic. Dimitrov’s mistake, which he could have suffered with his one-handed backhand if the Serbian took the initiative.

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Novak Djokovic – Grigor Dimitrov 0-0
The final begins, Grigor Dimitrov serves, as he chose that when he won the draw.

The prizes for the champion
A check for 892,590 euros and 1,000 ranking points.

The finalist will keep 487,420 euros and 600 points.

The warm-up will begin.
Dimitrov won the toss, he chose to serve.

The French
Renaud Lichtenstein, referee of the final.

Players on the court
They enter in reverse order of their world rankings: Dimitrov is 17th, and has already earned a promotion to No. 14; Djokovic consolidated his world number 1 this week. It was in Turin that he could be proclaimed number one of the year in mathematics. If he wins the final, he will lose five points so there is no calculation that gives this
Carlos Alcaraz. In practice, everything is in favor of the Serbian.

Novak Djokovic’s unbeaten streak
They have won their last 17 matches, 30 of 31 since Roland Garros. His last loss came in the Wimbledon final, against
Carlos Alcaraz.

The Resurrection of Grigor Dimitrov
Champion of
ATP Finals 2017, has not won an ATP title since, when he became world No. 3. At 32 years old, he said that he lost weight on his shoulders and focused on playing his tennis without restrictions, enjoying it.

The stomach virus, enemy
Djokovic has had some physical lapses in recent matches, which he attributed to a stomach ache he got today in the French capital.

Despite this, from Thursday to Saturday he won three set matches
Griekspoor, Rune and Rublev, on the track for nine hours.

The Masters 1000 ATP record can continue to grow
39 titles it has
Novak Djokovicfor 36 Rafa Nadal.

Grigor Dimitrov He previously played in the Masters 1000 final which he won, in Cincinati 2017, his best professional year.

Djokovic, for his seventh Paris Masters 1000 title
Champion in 2009, from 2013 to 2015 and in 2019 and 2021. He lost in the 2018 and 2022 finals.

The best result of
Grigor Dimitrov in Paris with a date from the 2019 semifinals.

Novak Djokovic, logical favorite
The balance indicates he has beaten Dimitrov 11 out of 12 times, two in Paris.

For Nole this is the 58th Masters 1000 final, only the second for Dimitrov.

Ninth final for Serbian in Paris, first for Bulgarian.

When is the Djokovic-Dimitrov final being played and where can it be watched?
At 3 pm they will be called to the Accor Arena headquarters in Paris.

You can follow it live, you can watch it on television on Movistar Plus+.

Via streaming, also on TennisTV.

Final Novak Djokovic vs. Grigor Dimitrov in Paris
Hello, good afternoon, welcome to live coverage of the ATP Masters 1000 final in Paris between Novak Djokovic and Grigor Dimitrov.

We start with a quick preview, the game is coming in a few minutes.

Source: La Verdad


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