Alcaraz’s successful debut at Roland Garros against a responsive Londero


Carlos Alcarazone of the favorites for the title after his spectacular 2022, has signed a successful debut with Roland Garros before a John Ignatius Londoner He answered in the first two sets, until he got physically after a very difficult exchange by the Murcian tennis player: 6-4, 6-2 and 6-0 in 1h.50 ‘of the game.

Alcaraz, 19 years old and world number 6, will face his compatriot in the second round Albert Ramos34th and 42nd in the ranking, which he has led (2-0) in his previous duel, including his win in Rio’2020Surprisingly, a Carlos ’first ATP success has already sent signs of his enormous potential.

Londero, 28 years old and world number 141, started at a high level from the start, playing loose, undefeated, knowing that the only favorite was Alcaraz. He endured rallies against Murcian and threw powerful blows that required Carlos to maintain concentration to avoid a panic.

At 5-4, by virtue of the champions, Alcaraz took advantage of the lone break ball to score in the first set (6-4) and show his rival how hard it was to give the bell: if Londero made a good set and is not It is worth nothing, I already know that I need an act to break the Spanish.

Any premiere in a tournament, and beyond a Grand Slam, involves his moments of acclimatization to the track, the rival and the game itself. In such a situation Alcaraz walks away, gradually improving the tone of his punches against a Londero who is fighting until his game is exhausted.

Without being accused of any kind of nervousness or anxiety on the center court, Alcaraz certainly controlled the game when he again broke the Argentine’s serve in the fifth game of the second set: at 6-4 and 2-2, Carlos was chained from noon. 10 games in a row to finally get a solid 6-4 6-2 6-0 win.

Alcaraz was especially inspired by serving, as he never concede a single break ball to his rival, which always gives him extreme calm to face games with others. His 22 winners (10 from Londero) and 25 unforced errors (37 from Argentine) were correct statistics for his debut.

Pole of attraction in Paris, Alcaraz passed his first test at Roland Garros in vivid color, where he had the challenge of maintaining the great tennis that had developed early in the season in the best-of-five sets: already now 29 wins, just three losses and four important titles (river, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid) to feel that Alcaraz is also serious about Roland Garros.

Source: La Verdad


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