Sainz is bathing on the Circuit


sainz move mass. He proved this by selling 3,000 tickets for Grandstand Carlos Sainz in just over two hours a month before the GP. And there he came before this Sunday’s race Spanish F1 GP 2022 the man from Madrid at the ‘Drivers Parade’.

“If possible! If possible!” Fans screamed as the pilot raised his arms to take their affection, threw on shirts and promised he would give everything for them. It’s hard for me to be third on a circuit with so much damage, but I dreamed of being with thousands of fans, and all Circuit.

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“It’s the best feeling you can experience as an athlete, as a sportsperson. They’re at their best despite this heat, with this energy, and it’s incredible to see. Now it’s time for them. to have a good time to give them a good race, ”said the man from Madrid.

“I think we will have a good race. The start is going to be key and we are going for it ”, he added confidently, eager to show himself to his people.

“I have nothing to say. I’m behind you. This picture speaks for me. What do I do if I win? Celebrate it! This is going to be the best reward for all of this public and these people who are making me happy this weekend. I want to give it to him and I will fight for it. ” finished.

Source: La Verdad


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