Eight ligament tears in three months of the League!


The list of injured cruciate ligaments keeps adding names. It is a ‘black’ month in EA Sports League because if the championship of Spain has eight people injured with torn ligaments, half of them last month.

Arambarri It broke on October 21 before the Legs, Sedlar on November 5 before the Almeria, Jeremy Pino on November 15 in a training session with Villarreal and Gavi yesterday, November 19. KO’d 4 players in less than 30 days.

But they were not the only ones, because at the beginning of the season there was another ‘plague’ that took four more players in a shorter time. Silva He was forced to retire due to training with true He injured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on July 20. Joel Rocathe young youth squad Gironawas also injured on August 9. Courtois It was broken a day later, before the start of LaLiga on August 10, and military He tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee on the first day of LaLiga.

Today at MD we went to check eight ligament tears in the three months we were in official competition.


Pablo ‘Gavi’

FC Barcelona

The young Barca player has a “complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and an injury related to the external meniscus” after being injured in Spain on Sunday, November 19 against Georgia. It is still unknown when he will have surgery and how long he will be out.



Jeremy Pino


The Canarian suffered a “torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee”, so he will be out of the field for the rest of the season. The groguet player was injured on November 15 in training



Aleksandar Sedlar


Alavés managed to win the minimum on November 5 against Almería, but at what cost. Luis García’s team lost their starting center back after suffering “a tear of the cruciate ligament in his left leg, with a partial tear of the inner meniscus” in the dying minutes of the match.



Mauro Arrambarri


The Uruguayan midfielder suffered a “partial tear of the external meniscus and one of the bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament” in his right knee during his match against Betis on October 21 and will be out for between six and eight months, according to the club azulón club through an official statement.

The worst predictions have come true at centre-back, leaving San Mamés in tears with a serious injury to his left knee that will force him out for six to eight months.


Eder Militao

real Madrid

Real Madrid suffered another stroke of bad luck two days after Courtois’ serious injury was confirmed. In the 50th minute of Merengue’s league debut against Athletic “he tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee”, the same as the Belgian goalkeeper.

Courtois, with a complex bandage on his left leg


Thibaut Courtois

real Madrid

The Belgian goalkeeper did the same thing and on the same knee as the Brazilian Merengue defender. “Rupture of the cruciate ligament of the left knee.” The thing about Thibaut was in training two days before the Militao.

Joel Roca, Girona player


Joel Roca


The 18-year-old Girona youth player bid farewell to the season after “a tear of his anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of his left knee” in training on August 9.

David Silva, in a Real training session this season


David Silva

Real society

Silva’s injury led to a sad farewell for the ‘Chinese’. The Canarian player “broke the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee” in training on July 20. He decided to say goodbye to football at the age of 37, as he was missing the entire season.

Source: La Verdad


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