Castro and Del Nido met again in court


Jose Castro and José María del Nido Benavente The faces will be seen again this Tuesday in front of the judge in the oral hearing held at the Commercial Court number 2 of Sevillethat the owner called the parties in response to the request for precautionary measures requested by the former president because of the next General meeting of shareholders.

Of the nest asked the judge to preserve his right to vote his shares on the Board in the face of repeated refusals by the current board of directors, which in recent meetings prevented the former president, the largest shareholder individually and in majority support. of social capital, access control of the company.

The oral hearing this Tuesday is the result of that challenge Of the nest made the last Extraordinary Meeting held on July 27, where the council prevented him from voting on the agenda item that requested the elimination of positions and the appointment of new directors.

Castro and current managers rely on the group itself Of the nest it took actions in 2018 to have three councilors by virtue of minority rights. In addition, they use the agreement signed by the largest shareholders that envisages changing the presidency in the figure of Jose Maria Del Nido son However, the former president removed the notary representation of his shares from him.

The head of the Commercial Court number 2 should make a decision on this matter within a few days, due to the speed with which the hearing was set. The normal thing is to have a ruling before the Shareholders’ Meeting, which is scheduled for December 4.

Undoubtedly, another battle in this endless war for power at the Andalusian club.

Source: La Verdad


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