Zakharyan took his Arsenal


The match between Real and Salzburg had less pace than usual in txuri urdin matches in big events. But there are incentives in the form of great games from less common players. The best of those are Turrienteswithout a doubt, but the most novel in terms of doing it well, for possibly not having done any good performance so far, is Arsen Zakharyan.

The Russian played his best game as txuri urdin, he completed it despite having some minutes where he seemed tired and led many of the realistic attacks with an exquisite touch of the ball. He was a baseball player, a canchero player, he was seen with enthusiasm and with football. He understood Turrientes although he was better as a left winger in the first half than as an interior player in the second.

Active in pressure and baseball player

Zakharyan surpassed his peers Dedicated in different ways, although there is no speed outside. He played on the left and everyone indicated that he would take advantage of playing with a changed leg to get in, but he didn’t quite do it. He has a purpose in certain actions. The clearest was at the end, when he finished a volley from Turrientes within the area after the center Chobut Schlager He stopped the ball. In the first half he had a cross shot with his left foot after a dizzying counterattack by Oyarzabal to which he added with a commendable career effort. He also excelled under pressure which he performed perfectly. He stole a good ball inside that ended with Oyarzabal shooting at the goal, despite the fact that the Russian himself already gives him support to shoot from a better position.

Russian-Ukrainian meeting

The txuri urdin player is the hero of a unique opportunity. Being Russian, he was refereed by a Ukrainian referee, Mykola Balakin, in the middle of a war between the two countries. No problem, as expected of civilized people.

Source: La Verdad


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